Who are we?

The Association of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies NT Incorporated is the peak body for Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Northern Territory.

As an independent, membership-driven, not-for-profit association, we work with our members to support and strengthen AOD service delivery for people who experience harmful substance use in the NT.

Our mission is to build and maintain a strong, sustainable and culturally diverse Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector that works together to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm across the Northern Territory.

How do we do it?

Representation and Advocacy. We understand the challenges of service delivery. We will represent the AOD sector to ensure the needs and interests are heard through a collective, unified voice. We’ll work with our membership to ensure our advocacy is well-informed and reflective of current issues. We will seek your views and submissions in relation to issues impacting on AOD service delivery in the NT.

Capacity Building & Workforce Development. We deliver, facilitate or scope a range of activities to support our workforce’s capacity to provide effective, meaningful and evidenced-based services to clients. We listen to our membership and work hard to ensure every opportunity is provided to strengthen AOD service delivery in the NT.

AADANT acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Land on which we live, work and walk.




We support Harm Reduction Australia





Harm Reduction Australia (HRA) is a national organisation for individuals across Australia to join together in their commitment to reducing the health, social and economic harms potentially associated with drug use. Making your voice heard is crucial if we are to achieve more humane, effective and balanced drug policies in Australia and beyond. To help join now and show your support.