Research: What works. Alcohol and other drug treatment in prisons.

360 Edge released the report What works. Alcohol and other drug treatment in prisons. on 8th October. The summary of the report is below.

People with alcohol and other drug problems are over-represented in the criminal justice system and prisons provide a unique opportunity to address these problems.

The dynamics of the relationship between alcohol and other drug use and crime is complex and treatment in justice settings should reflect evidence-based practice, and target factors that are associated with criminal behaviour.

It is important to address the needs of subpopulations of prisoners, including women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, young adults, individuals with low literacy, those from diverse cultural and language backgrounds, and prisoners with comorbid mental health issues or an acquired brain injury.

The report explores effective treatment in prisons, working with complex and diverse clients, and addresses young adults in prison.

To view and read the entire report, please click here.