NDRI: Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System NT Data 2016-17

The National Drug Research Institute and Curtin University released the Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS) data for 2016-2017.

The data is searchable by jurisdiction and reveals young risky drinkers’ patterns of use including where they drank and how much they drank.

Of interest to AADANT is the ways young people expressed they kept themselves safe while drinking. Table 1. Safety strategies ‘always’ or ‘usually’ engaged in while drinking in the past 12 months shows 3 per cent of males surveyed (35 in total) determined a time to stop drinking, and 6% of males avoided drinking games. Females surveyed (37 in total) revealed 14 per cent avoided drinking games, while 19 per cent drank slowly rather than to gulp or scull. Please refer to the entire chart below, which also shows 80 and 81 per cent of males and females surveyed utilised a designated driver while drinking.

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