Palmerston Local Drug Action Team Seeking Feedback

Please see information below on the Palmerston Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) and their request for feedback:

Palmerston Local Drug Action Team

A Local Drug Action Team has recently been established in Palmerston and is wanting to work together to reduce harm associated with drug and alcohol use (AOD) in the community, with a particular focus on Youth and the impacts of AOD on youth (both directly and indirectly).  The Local Drug Action Team is coordinated by Catholic Care who has received a small grant from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to assist in developing a community plan and provide some responses to reduce the impact of drug and alcohol use.  The Local Drug Action Team has highlighted the need to increase support and capacity for parents who are wanting to support their children and young people to make good decisions about their drug and alcohol use.  This may mean holding information sessions and making available resources that assist parents to have conversations with their children/ adolescents about this issue.

We would like to know what you think and would value your feedback and direction about this project.  Are you able to complete the questions below and provide feedback to help shape this work?  This is a small project and is a chance to try out something with the opportunity to apply for funding based on our learning.

  1. Do you think increasing support and capacity building for parents is a good focus for the Local Drug Action Group?



  1. What are the ways that we could do this? (please highlight or tick)
  • Information sessions?
  • Sharing resources (do you know of any useful resources for parents?)
  • Support groups? (do you know of any good support group examples?)
  • Workshops
  • Other
  1. Who would be a good target group and how can we involve them? (ie Senior School, Parents groups, Town Camps, other organisations?)


  1. Do you want to be involved in the Local Drug Action Team or work on the supporting parents project?


  1. Other ideas? Comments


Please forward to Natalie Sarsfield by Friday 28th September on

Notice of AADANT Annual General Meeting

The Association of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies NT will be holding their Annual General Meeting in Darwin on Wednesday 24 October 2018 from 12:00-1:00 pm.

The AGM will take place at the Darwin Innovation Hub, 48-50 Smith Street Mall (Entrance near Raintree Park) on level 1.

The Agenda is confirmed as follows:

Confirmation of Minutes AGM
Presentation of Financial Report
Election of Board Members and Office Bearers

All members are invited to attend.

Nomination forms can be accessed here and Membership Applications can be accessed here.
Please contact Katie with any questions 08 8943 0608 or email

Light refreshments will be provided
Please note all nomination forms must be completed by Monday 24th October

The Loop training Medical Professionals on how to Establish pill testing at Festivals

Please see excerpts below from The Age on 20th September Britain’s drug testing charity is ready to roll out in Australia:

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Fiona Measham from the UK organisation The Loop, said she was in Australia currently training medical professionals on how to establish pill-testing at festivals in Australia.

This year The Loop offered drug testing services at 12 music festivals in the UK – where the rate of drug-related deaths is at a record high with 3,756 drug poisoning-related deaths recorded in 2017.

Professor Measham said she was training 150 chemistry and medical volunteers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to offer the same services in Australia, through local version The Loop Safety Testing.

“Everyone’s ready to roll when the politicians and police are ready to give the go ahead,” she said.

“It will definitely will happen, it’s a matter of when not if…public opinion has shifted a lot in the last three years,” she said.

“If we’d had a back of house service operating at Defqon, we’d have a better idea of what caused the 700 medical incidents,” Professor Measham said.

But she stopped short of saying that the two lives could have been saved, saying many factors were behind drug-related deaths including the use of a combination of drugs and alcohol.

Mental Health Professionals Network Seeking Borderline Personality Disorder Coordinator

New BPD Network Seeks Coordinator

Become a coordinator to improve referral pathways and mental health care in your local area

The Mental Health Professionals’ Network (MHPN) is seeking to establish locally based mental health professional networks in the Northern Territory, comprised of clinicians with an interest in Borderline Personality Disorder. These networks exist in other states and have been found to be a great avenue for increasing knowledge and understanding of evidence-based treatment and support for people with BPD and their families/carers.  They are also a good source of collegiate support in this challenging area of work.

Network membership offers

  • The opportunity to build solid referral networks which allow faster, more accurate patient referrals
  • The opportunity to share your perspective with other clinicians
  • Access to guest speakers
  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Free Professional Development.

MHPN can only establish this network with the help of a mental health practitioner to coordinate meetings. MHPN project officers provide full administrative support to networks and volunteer coordinators.

Interested? Contact Ingrid Benge 03 8662 6616 or to find out more.