Concern over escalating use of ice in mining industry

ABC News


The escalating use of the drug ice is on the radar of industry groups, with a focus on Australia’s mining industry.

Ice usage is skyrocketing in some areas and the Australian Industry Group says it is keen to curb its use in the workplace.

Its submission to a federal inquiry highlights concerns about safety risks and a loss of productivity.

It says recent data shows monthly ice usage was highest in the mining industry, with 38 per cent of workers reportedly taking it.

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Healing and Mental Health – Public Forum and Webinar

Tuesday 11 August 2015, 10:00am-11:30am (AEST)
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Guardian: Rate of teens abstaining from alcohol almost doubles in 13 years, study finds


Wednesday 15 July 201507.22 AEST Last modified on Wednesday 15 July 201508.23 AEST

Melissa Davey

The number of youngsters who say they are binge drinking has also fallen, with abstinence more likely in households where English is not the only language

Health experts say binge drinking is on the decline due to increased education about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the negative effects of alcohol.

The drinking patterns of teenage Australians has shifted more drastically than any other age group, according to a study which found the number of 14 to 17-year-olds abstaining from alcohol had almost doubled in the past 13 years.

Education about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the negative effects of alcohol was behind the shift, public health experts say.

While 28% of 14- to 17-year-olds reported abstaining from drinking in 2001, this increased to 57.3% in 2013, the study released by the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research said on Wednesday.

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The number of Australians aged 14-17 who are binge drinking has halved over the past 13 years, a study claims. Graph: Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, and the Centre for Alcohol Research

By analysing data from 120,000 respondents to the national drug strategy household survey, researchers saw a small but significant increase in the overall number of Australians who reported being a lifetime abstainer from alcohol.

In 2001, 9.4% of respondents said they were lifetime abstainers, compared with 14.1% in 2014, with teenagers driving the increase, the study found. Abstinence was more likely in households where a language other than English was spoken.